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Steps to Getting There

This is a model story of how success is achieved by 1) having an impossible dream 2) empowering “ordinary” people 3) developing allies and 4) building teamwork. Halving measures don’t work. We have to go all out from the ground … Continue reading

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Change Agents for Empowerment

These are the real people who empower others and take them out of poverty. Poverty most often  comes from a history of colonial oppression, subsequent state neglect and current global capitalist marginalization. It is essentially a state of imposed powerlessness. … Continue reading

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The Power of Family Ties

A relationship, not an individual, is the basic unit of society. It is a component of Whole Person Wellness. How can we build what we are? See article How family ties keep you going, in sickness and in health     … Continue reading

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Causes of Crime

This article gets to some of the root causes of crime. Personal and social empowerment are critical answers. What can we do as mentors and advocates? Read: Beyond (and before) the crime data      Websites: http://www.growingbalanced.com         … Continue reading

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