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Spirituality Empowers Too

Alienation from family, suicidal depression, rape, sexual confusion, epilepsy and constant insecurity, are more than anyone could ask for. For Jodiann, spirituality was the source of her empowerment and overcoming. We all need to find a center and a Higher … Continue reading

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Change Agents for Empowerment

These are the real people who empower others and take them out of poverty. Poverty most often ┬ácomes from a history of colonial oppression, subsequent state neglect and current global capitalist marginalization. It is essentially a state of imposed powerlessness. … Continue reading

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Revolution against our negative past

The destiny of the Jamaican majority is the strength of Jamaica. Without a change of attitude and structure, our origins in oppression will control our destiny. We each need vision and new action for new solutions however simple. The same … Continue reading

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Abuse and hope

The abuse to the innocent Christ speaks of how God embraces our human suffering as His own and gives us His hope of overcoming what seems not to make sense.

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