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Culture, Creativity and Empowerment

All of us have “right brain” creativity involving the arts such as music, fine arts, folk art, writing etc. The use of sound, colour, poetic expression, rhythm, taste, smell and other elements, provide a powerful tool for enriching the lives … Continue reading

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Empower others by “Franchising” Yourself

See this article: “Happy Teachers earn US dollars”. Be inspired and learn how to “Franchise” yourself: Use your skills to help others replicate theirs and find financial independence. Form a counsulting company. Teach online. Train others to teach the skills … Continue reading

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When others discover “our special gifting” despite our own people

Too often the gift we are given to share, our “genius”, is unrecognized by our own- in our schools, families, communities, workplaces or nations. Thankfully a solid performance that has truly impacted many will shine on its own. The world … Continue reading

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It takes a village to empower a person

When each of us helps someone to discover their potential and worth, we empower them. When we mentor, guide and open doors for learning and advancement opportunities, we empower. Who are we helping to empower? Be there. http://new.jamaica-gleaner.com/article/outlook/20170716/dwight-scott-wooden-house-morehouse      … Continue reading

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The synergy of production: demand and supply!

These persons are a part of the backbone of Jamaica. Let us: * Buy their produce and * Advocate for better agriculture. This means better wellness for all through healthy eating.           Websites: http://www.growingbalanced.com       … Continue reading

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Revolution against our negative past

The destiny of the Jamaican majority is the strength of Jamaica. Without a change of attitude and structure, our origins in oppression will control our destiny. We each need vision and new action for new solutions however simple. The same … Continue reading

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