Success and Perseverance

Every success has its secrets. We better achieve our goals by learning from others. Jamaicans can sit at the feet of this teacher. The world is doing so.  They have done it for Garvey,  Marley, George Headley and others. But we have forgotten them quickly! Let it not be so.

See this article for lessons from one of Jamaica’s finest: Success depends on your hard work – Usian Bolt







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How to Convert Adversity into Success

The story of Christine Ryan, whose life was transformed from running away from home at age 14 to being a successful entrepreneur  provides a model of converting adversity to success. Before you look at her story by clicking the link below, let us examine some of the lessons that we will learn.

  1. Focus on whatever skills you have rather than be distracted by misfortune.
  2. Try to earn something with these skills, however small.
  3. Get personal development and skill training.
  4. Use the lessons learned from setbacks along the way. Christine used lessons learned from her illness to start a healthy lifestyle business.
  5. Prayer and faith can open the doors of opportunities not bargained for.
  6. Save to grow one’s business.
  7. When hardship hits your endeavours, think outside the box, try something new and rebuild.
  8. Find a mentor
  9. Seek out agencies that can help to provide expert guidance and venture capital.
  10. Where possible, provide a variety of products or services to meet the diversity of needs of several categories of people.
  11. Take care of your family. They are your first priority.
  12. Pass on the secrets of your business success to others so that they too can overcome adversity.
  13. After all this, you will learn that trials often happen for a reason.

Read her story here: Christine Ryan – The Ambitious Beekeeper



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Empowering the Marginalized


If you or I are not at the margins, for example, being homeless, a refugee, on a poverty line or in prison – it is most likely that our connections to agents of our empowerment prevented that.

How we treat those at the margins define the integrity  of families, communities, institutions, nations as well as global society. Ultimately, it boils down to how you and I as individuals can empower others to keep them from the margins or get them from there.

See how Marjorie Palmer gives her life to this: Jamaica’s Every day Heroes.





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The Arts and Empowerment


Use of our creativity and hands are two of the most powerful tools of Empowerment.

See how the power of art is being used to reach vulnerable youths on the streets.



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Pathways to Financial Independence through Productivity

Financial Independence does not come just by having a job. Many jobs are low skilled or unskilled and thus millions of persons end up being “disposable” depending on the market or the “whims and fancies” of employers.

Copeland Johnson featured in the link below has shared that “it is important to have a trade, because anyone who does will never go hungry. There will always be a need for you and the service you offer”.

These are some of the secrets of financial independence through skills that we learn from him:

  1. Develop curiosity for new learning.
  2. If you are employed, learn a skill  during your spare time.
  3. Try to pick up new skills quickly.
  4. Encourage all young persons to “learn a trade”.
  5. Ensure that you have the inner ability to perform your skill well.
  6. Don’t be afraid to try out a variety of skills and methods of productivity.
  7. Be creative.
  8. Ensure that you have the appropriate tools, whether physical or the related knowledge.
  9. Discover your best specialty.
  10. “The world beat a path to the person who builds the best mousetrap”. People always seek out products or services that add value to their lives. Be prepared for much time and effort in utilizing your skill for quality production.
  11. Use Google or YouTube and other internet resources to aide in your learning.
  12. Be ready to learn through apprenticeship, whether formal or informal.
  13. Let your concern for looking after your family and the needy be a strong motivating factor for earning through your own practical abilities.


Read Mr. Copeland Johnson’s story here. 



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Steps to Export Productivity

Production for export is a pillar of any national community. Here is the story of a relatively “small” Jamaican farmer who has produced well.

How did he do it?

  • He persevered natural disasters.
  • Fought blockages by bureaucracy.
  • Did his own research and innovation for better production.
  • Formed a Farmers’ Association or advocacy group.
  • He lobbied the government.
  • He got financial help from Funding Agencies and expert advice for the farmers’ co-operative.
  • He was environmentally aware- avoiding pesticide use.
  • Above all, he was passionate.

Read the entire story of this “One man and his cocoa kingdom”.



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Spirituality Empowers Too

Alienation from family, suicidal depression, rape, sexual confusion, epilepsy and constant insecurity, are more than anyone could ask for.

For Jodiann, spirituality was the source of her empowerment and overcoming. We all need to find a center and a Higher Power to help us have a purpose in life, to connect us to a rescuing faith community and to help us achieve the potential we were created with.

Read her story here: “Jodiann slowly finding her way home”



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How to Empower Others, Despite Hardships

  1. See the vision of what empowering others can mean.
  2. Have a sense of purpose.
  3. Fight to overcome fear and other negative effects of one’s challenges and adversities.
  4. Use your own talents and creative expertise (e.g. art, music, drama, practical skills) to add value to the lives of others.
  5. Be happiest uplifting those who have been knocked down
  6. Promote awareness of self and the positives of life.
  7. Help youth unlock their potential.
  8. Devote your heart and soul to the service of others.
  9. Believe that everyone can make a positive impact in whatever they do
  10. Develop a greater understanding for those in difficult circumstances.

This article outlines how one individual is making a change despite her own hardships: Looking Beyond Self


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