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No matter what your original circumstances in life are do not let it limit your goals for the future

This is the story of Dr. Diane Thompson the medical director of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) in New York, and an assistant professor of clinical physical medicine and rehabilitation at CUMC. She is triple … Continue reading

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Becoming empowered to empower others.

Even if one has made the wrong turn in life and has suffered the consequences,  it is never too late to become empowered in order to empower others. Imagine someone imprisoned for murder being a mentor to a young person … Continue reading

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Overcoming the Odds to Help Other do the Same

The story of Paul Blake seems miraculous! He was someone who was called a “dunce” as a child because he was a slow learner. Despite this, he has ended up running a company “Words Worthit Motivational Speaking and Training Co. … Continue reading

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Empowerment Over Racial History

We cannot ignore the realities of racial or ethnic intolerance and oppression in preventing the empowerment of persons individually or collectively. In any ethic group throughout history, mass denials of human rights have affected the stability of mind, body, spirit … Continue reading

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Empowerment through Nation Building

We all live in a global society. Nevertheless our efforts to build a better world can begin in our own nations. An article by Dennis Chung a journalist and business manager, can be accessed by clicking the link below. The … Continue reading

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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child -The Women of Beersheba

  Here is a touching story account about community mothers coming together to till the soil in order to ensure adequate education for their children. They work hard to produce a significant range of products. They believe in community self-help … Continue reading

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Secrets to Overcoming the Odds

  Many times persons do not become empowered because they see obstacles as an instruction to give up. Yet for other people, obstacles are an invitation to advance and to find ways of overcoming the odds. Mervin Thompson is one … Continue reading

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