Be an Active Father and Mentor



Having  the experience of  a caring, mentoring and exemplary father is important to one’s emotional development. It can “make” rather than  “break” a person. Even if one has not had close relations with a biological father, finding a father figure in one’s family, community or church could be helpful.

In the article below, we read about how Mr. Jayson Downer went through a very traumatic experience due to not having the presence a male figure in his early life. Yet he learnt from his experiences and as a result he is committed to making a difference in promoting mentorship for young men today. Mr. Downer describes his mentorship approach as helping each young man to become the best versions of themselves rather than trying to get them to become more like him.

Mentorship is an activity which can take place in almost any setting. So let those of us who are fathers seek to be the best father we can. Those who have a lack of an appropriate father-child experience seek to find a mentor where you can. The challenge is for all of us to do what we can to be a mentor in some way to a younger person who can benefit from the knowledge and experiences that we can share.

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