Empowerment by Starting Small


The Majority of people of African descent came to the Caribbean through slavery. It therefore means  that for these persons life has been a struggle of social mobility starting from the plantation. In one sense, the story of the majority Jamaicans is one of how to break the glass ceiling of poverty in order to have a meaningful and fulfilling life.

This is a journey of empowerment.

In Omar Richardson’s own such journey he was prepared to achieve the opportunity to enroll in college by any honest means possible. This included including becoming a street sweeper.

Lessons learn from Omar’s experience include the following:

  • He has been  industrious in his work.
  • He was not embarrassed to do what seems menial  while being a student.
  • Even though he is a third-year marketing students he still will sweep the street if the need arises. He does his work with pride.
  • He focuses on careful planning of his time and habits which has ensured a balanced life and academic success.
  • Omar in his ambitious has sought multiple means of earning.
  • As someone else said about him “not withstanding the impediments, struggles and difficulties that comes with being a student. He understands hard work is what is necessary to become successful”.

The difference between the plantation and success is the power of internal motivation, determination and vision. This is in contrast to outer shame,  lack of confidence and a sense of powerlessness.




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