No matter what your original circumstances in life are do not let it limit your goals for the future

This is the story of Dr. Diane Thompson the medical director of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) in New York, and an assistant professor of clinical physical medicine and rehabilitation at CUMC. She is triple board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, brain injury medicine and lifestyle medicine, and is the author of two books.

She came to into this world from a mother who was pregnant at 15, who got kicked out of her home and also dropped out of school.

These are some lessons to be learnt from Dr. Thompson’s experience:

1) Rather than going under, Dr. Thompson use her childhood experience of asthma to motivate her to become a doctor.

2) At different stages of her life she kept visualizing how she could make this dream become a reality.

3) She was even prepared to work as a live-in helper and to work over 70 hours per week.

4) When she could afford her education, she caught up by taking extra classes during the summer .

5) She aimed for the highest and got to be in the top 1% of her class.

6)  Even though she started with nursing and became a professor. Her life goals propelled her to persist beyond that so she went on to do medicine.

7) Apart from this,  surmounted several barriers to get into medical school.

7)This doctor and publish author now gives back to others by promoting healthy lifestyles in her work.

Read the story of her journey below.



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