Becoming empowered to empower others.

Even if one has made the wrong turn in life and has suffered the consequences,  it is never too late to become empowered in order to empower others.

Imagine someone imprisoned for murder being a mentor to a young person who is now a doctor.

Some lessons learnt from this reported experience include:

  • There are always children or adolescents who are suffering from family neglect or abuse and need empowerment.


  •  There is need for more restorative justice in our correctional services. Here, persons in prison who show promise can be allowed special privileges to empower others as part of their rehabilitation.


  • For those who have made errors. It is vital to help them study and understand the law. Thus they can better keep within the law when they go back in Also they will know how to use the law to  protect themselves and others from stigma and a removal of their human rights. Mr. Muir was an advocate for inmates learning to read and getting to know the law.


Let us never write off persons that have committed a crime and subject them to a destructive path or punishment. Remember it is NEVER too late . So let us advocate for prison reform and enabling ex-convicts to empower others.


Below is the link to view the article.








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