Empowerment through Nation Building

Nation Building

We all live in a global society. Nevertheless our efforts to build a better world can begin in our own nations.

An article by Dennis Chung a journalist and business manager, can be accessed by clicking the link below. The article describes several persons in Jamaica whom he has identified as nation builders.

These are some features he identifies with being a national builder.

Being successful not just as a business person but more importantly as a person.

One whose actions add to the development of the country whether it is nationally or on a smaller scale.

It is not the status or wealth of the person that matters. It is the action taken towards developing something to add fundamental value and change to the lives of people and the country.

Emotional intelligence or “Person acumen’ is more important than business acumen. One’s satisfaction is not from national awards but from the rewards of empowering others.

A willingness to associate and spend time in sharing and learning from person of all levels of the society. They make themselves accessible.

Focusing on the positives about what can be done rather than becoming immobilised by falsehood and what is going wrong.

Service for the country is their passion rather than gossip and public spats.

Being solution focused rather than criticism focused.

They care deeply for the people they lead and talk of their team all the time.

They serve as inspirations and role models.

They each have specific personal charities to which the give sacrificially.


Food for thought

Do you wish to be you a nation builder?

Using the above principles how can you contribute positively to the strengthening of your nation – even in some small way?

Become A Nation Builder Today! Check the link below.

Link: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/business-report/who-is-a-nation-builder 144818?profile=1056




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