It Takes a Village to Raise a Child -The Women of Beersheba


Here is a touching story account about community mothers coming together to till the soil in order to ensure adequate education for their children.

Women of Beersheba

  • They work hard to produce a significant range of products.
  • They believe in community self-help which is the secret of national transformation.
  • Working together is the gate to community success. Hence the mantra of the women of Beersheba says “they are our children”.
  • Partnership is built with development agencies.
  • Nevertheless the parent prefer to use their own “meagre earning”.
  • They provide both emotional as well as financial support to children that are not attending school.
  • The parents regularly meet to discuss and participate in training sessions.
  • They also involve the wider community in fundraising activities such as fish fries and food vending.

It is no wonder that school absenteeism as shrunken to the extent that there is 85% attendance. A wonderful example of empowerment of individuals, families, a community and an education institution.


Here is a link below to view the full article:

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