From Adversity to Achievement

Despite being in an environment of chaos and constant adversities, one can eventually rise above his or her challenges and achieve success. Here are some valuable lessons learnt from the story of Ronaldo McDonald:

  1. Develop remarkable skills and talent which can give a sense of purpose in your life despite adversities.
  2. Find strength and maintain faith in God or a higher being.
  3. Acknowledge the role of distant family, foster parents and the church community who may have come to your aid in the absence of having a supportive conventional family.
  4. Seek to be ambitious- have specific goals in mind for your life.
  5. Use your success story to make yourself a role model for others going through their adversities.
  6. Never give up – work diligently towards goals you have set.
  7. Maintain a positive attitude in all you do.
  8. Any help that you or anyone else can give to marginalized persons will produce results far beyond what we can imagine.

Find out more about Ronaldo’s story here.





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