Culture, Creativity and Empowerment

All of us have “right brain” creativity involving the arts such as music, fine arts, folk art, writing etc. The use of sound, colour, poetic expression, rhythm, taste, smell and other elements, provide a powerful tool for enriching the lives of ourselves and others. These tools of expression and perception can go a far way in inspiring the life of both the receiver and the creator.

These expressions are also rooted deep within our cultural and ancestral histories which also empower us. So, master Jamaican mat-maker Sane Mae Dunkley, has used her skills to tell the story of her people in her folk-art. Artistic expressions also provide therapeutic healing for our adversities of which Ms. Dunkley had many. Yes she triumphed. Let us follow her example and bring out this hidden talent that most of us may have.

Artistic creative empowerment is a community affair. It fosters encouragement, global marketing by others and interestingly enough, as it usually is the case, spirituality was a driver of Sane Mae’s story.

Read more using this link: Master Jamaican Mat-Maker Sane Mae Dunkley





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