How to Convert Adversity into Success

The story of Christine Ryan, whose life was transformed from running away from home at age 14 to being a successful entrepreneur  provides a model of converting adversity to success. You can look at her story by clicking the link below, then let us examine some of the lessons that we can learn.

This is what we all can learn from Christine:

  1. Focus on whatever skills you have rather than be distracted by misfortune.
  2. Try to earn something with these skills, however small.
  3. Get personal development and skill training.
  4. Use the lessons learned from setbacks along the way. Christine used lessons learned from her illness to start a healthy lifestyle business.
  5. Prayer and faith can open the doors of opportunities not bargained for.
  6. Save to grow one’s business.
  7. When hardship hits your endeavours, think outside the box, try something new and rebuild.
  8. Find a mentor
  9. Seek out agencies that can help to provide expert guidance and venture capital.
  10. Where possible, provide a variety of products or services to meet the diversity of needs of several categories of people.
  11. Take care of your family. They are your first priority.
  12. Pass on the secrets of your business success to others so that they too can overcome adversity.
  13. After all this, you will learn that trials often happen for a reason.

Let us keep inspiring one another for empowerment. Pass it on!



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