How to Empower Others, Despite Hardships

  1. See the vision of what empowering others can mean.
  2. Have a sense of purpose.
  3. Fight to overcome fear and other negative effects of one’s challenges and adversities.
  4. Use your own talents and creative expertise (e.g. art, music, drama, practical skills) to add value to the lives of others.
  5. Be happiest uplifting those who have been knocked down
  6. Promote awareness of self and the positives of life.
  7. Help youth unlock their potential.
  8. Devote your heart and soul to the service of others.
  9. Believe that everyone can make a positive impact in whatever they do
  10. Develop a greater understanding for those in difficult circumstances.

This article outlines how one individual is making a change despite her own hardships: Looking Beyond Self


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