The Strength of the Black Woman

A Tribute to the Strength of the Black Woman


We’ve called her every disrespectful name under the sun …

The obligatory cute, good looking, pretty

Oh yes and begrudgingly we whisper under our breaths beautiful

There is so much more to her being sexy …

so wipe that salacious Cheshire cat grin from your face she’s not ground turkey


we pay scant regard and stifle the real beauty

she has bursting inside

Call her sage … rosemary … rue … cinnamon

Because she heals us with her smile,

encouraging words

and thoughtful gestures

Call her Mujer Negro … Femme Noire … Donna di Colore … Nyeusi Manamke

The nations tried

but all agreed that one language could not suffice black woman

Call her ethereal …

her essence extremely delicate

and even rarer than manna

she’s probably not even of this world

Call her mahogany,

for the strength she exudes rivals that of the great Beowulf …

Call her ebony,



chocolate, caramel, coffee,

honey brown sugar

I don’t ever know how you’ll describe this amazing creature …

but the world will know by what you choose to call her.

— Ravenne Reid

Jamaica Gleaner: February 7, 2016

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