About the blog and author

The Secret of Empowering All People


NO human being can do anything in life without power. Each of us comes into this world with inner-potential and competence. This  potential and competence provides power for us to influence our whole selves and our whole world for good.

As part of our inner power, there is our spirituality which helps us to contribute and overcome through transcending limitations and hurdles.

To be empowered, each person needs to be allowed full recognition of and access to developing our inner potential, competence and spirituality.

This empowerment starts with one’s self, our self awareness, attitude, integrity and resolve. Our empowerment also depends on other human beings as well as social and economic entities such as families, communities, institutions, corporations, governments and global forces, all enabling rather than disabling the process of self actualization and self assertion.

The purpose of all humanity, individually and collectively is to enable, promote and refuse to limit in any way our empowerment at act for the good of all.

The purpose of this blog is to advocate for the empowerment of all persons. This will be through promoting insights, reflection and conversations about how we can empower ourselves and one another individually and collectively.

Areas of concern will include: socio-cultural and economic liberation for all, whole person wellness and faith-health integration.

The contents will include stories about several persons who have overcome.  We will highlight the means that they have used and their relationship to general principles.


About the author

Dr. E. Anthony Allen completed graduate training in Psychiatry at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, UK, and a Masters in Divinity at Yale University. He worked for 24 years as a part-time lecturer and hospital consultant at the University of the West Indies. He developed the teaching programme in psychotherapy and counselling for residents and medical students.

Now from the base of his private practice called WHOLE PERSON GROWTH FACILITY, Dr. Allen integrates a whole person perspective with client care. As a consultant in Church-based Health Ministries, Dr. Allen has pioneered community-based Whole Person Healing Ministries in local congregations and engaged in international advocacy.  Dr. Allen’s work has also included activism at the levels of community engagement and building coalitions for social action and violence prevention.

Dr. Allen has had several international speaking engagements and authored several articles, book chapters and the books ‘Caring for the Whole Person’ and ‘Simple Steps to Wellness’. He also offers empowerment workshops for the public and patients relating to the renewal of self, overcoming circumstances and achieving wellness. There are also workshops for professionals on integrating health lifestyles and counselling in medical care.

Dr. Allen can be contacted at:

Email: dreanthonyallen@gmail.com
Telephone: (876) 702-2898 or 779-5856

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